Monday, 2 May 2016

Mathlete of the Break!

Today we honour Xiyi Zhang, our Mathlete of the Term #1 break.  During the two week break from class, Xiyi earned 6509 points at the Bronze Level, and secured her place as Mathlete of the break.  Congratulations to Xiyi and her proud parents, family and friends.

A reminder to all, Mathletics is part of our classroom home learning plan.  Each student is expected to earn a minimum of 1500 points at the bronze level each week.  Certificates are awarded to all participating Mathletes.  The student with the highest score at the end of the week (the week runs Monday through Sunday) has the honour of being declared Mathlete of the Week and receives a display trophy for their work space (sorry the trophy must be returned at the end of the week).  

Teacher Vows to Be Better at Blogging!

My sincerest apologies to the students of Room 5 at Oaklands School and their whanau and families.  I began last term with every intention of staying on top of the class blog, by posting tidbits, photos and evidence of all the great learning in our classroom.  But, like a New Year's resolutions, the promise far outpaced my performance.  

I have, however, re-dedicated myself to this endeavour and know that today will begin a new era for our classroom blog.   Welcome back everyone to the New and Much Improved, Ruma Rima Learning Adventure Class Blog.   Stay tuned and check this space often!